Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alarum Bell


Have you heard the news?
What news?
That the MEND people have started "mending" Lagos?
How do you mean?
Don't tell me you are not aware that the Niagaran foremost fuel depot has been bombed...
Na lie! You mean the Atlas Cove Jetty has been bombed?
Sit down there!
But this na wah o!
What's na wah about it?
It appears you are not a student of history.
Yarn me tory.
Well, that's how the Niagara-Biafra war escalated in 1967 when the Biafrans bombed Lagos.
You don't meant. Do you?
Well, I've just told you. If you like, make you hear. If you like make you no hear. But as they talk am for proverb...A word is enough for the wise.
That mean say you don ring alarm bell be that. No be so?
Me I don do my own. Do not say I told you.
Do not say I heard you.

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