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Heaven Knows No Fury Like a Woman Infibulated

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Opilogue knows no fury like a woman infibulated. So? Since the publication of Woman's Inwomanity to Woman, TELL, June 29, 2009, readers have continued to show their anger at a custom they describe as a "wicked", "bestial", "barbaric" (even “mamaric”) and "out of this world". Both men and women are up in arms against infibulation and those who practise it. There's just no describing their anger except we let the words flow unhindered from, as you will say, the horse's mouth. Here we go.

In Woman's Inwomanity to Woman, I could not bring myself to comprehend the enormity of the bestial act until I gave the article to a friend who burst into tears after reading it. That such is still practised and widely acknowledged in our African society leaves much to be desired. Keep on exposing such barbaric acts. Tina Amadi, Isolo, Lagos.

No woman, no cry? No woman, no cry? Please, ask your friend to stop crying first before we can expose more “mamaric,” sorry, “barbaric” acts. Opilogue is supposed to make people laugh in order not to cry.

Nna, I don't think there can be anything more wicked than infibulation. By the way, where did you get the word? I hope it's not from fible. Dagogo Anims Jumbo (no address).

Is it the word that is wicked or the art of infibulating which has enraged many a reader to no end like the woman below?

We also do it (circumcision) in my area, but it is not like how you sound in infibulation. It is simply mind blowing. Do people really do that to innocent girls? They should be shot through their own genitals! Mrs B (no address).

Ooops! Hankali, madam, hankali. Doing that will be out-heroding Herod! Haba! Wetin! Menene?

The Opilogue contains less of the usual dose of humour. I think it is appropriate that way. We should not gloat over woman's 'inwomanity' to woman. Mallam Adedayo, Osun State.

Good talk. Only a Macduff, that is, "the man not born of a woman", would gloat over woman's 'inwomanity' to woman.

It's very informative, in spite of the tinge of witty humour. Comrade Dayo Oladeji, Saki, Oyo State.

As gory as the story of infibulation is, some readers can still glimpse some laughlines? Sure, Opilogue without "a tinge of humour" is like Dangote without sugar.

I hope the affirmative action will be reinforced for the sake of FGM (female genital mutilation). Sehinde Ilegbusi (no address).

Affirmative action? How do you mean? Women are already claiming equality of the sexes by cutting and tearing up themselves(?) without interference from male anaesthesiologists and orthopaedic butchers called “cosmetic surgeons.” What further constitutional proviso is needed?

Only God knows where your legs go carry you go! Abi, wetin concern you with women's mutilation of their private parts? Who knows where and what you go go see again? Kris Omotosho, Abeokuta.

Are you accusing Opilogue of voyeurism (lookery)? This is blatantly unfair. Well, for your information, our lawyers have been briefed to sue you for premeditated libel, malice aforethought, slander aforetold and bad belle after the fact of injury! We shall meet in Kootu Ashipa (People's Court).

Woman's Inwomanity to Woman is funny and educative. You make me remember Camara Laye's The African Child. Nice one. Olumide Ogunsusi, Lagos.

Funny? Mrs B (above) must not hear this or else ... she might cause your genitals to be tied to the stakes and shot! C’est finis! O pari! End of cinema!

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"Those who do this must be shot in the genitals".

Wao! I haven't read TELL for quite some time but when I came across a copy and your bit on the last page, it is like the most hilarious stuff I've read in a long while ...You rock! Staphaine (no address).

Adequate response is stuck in my throat! One, I'm sure it was not Woman's Inwomanity to Woman that you read because that cannot not go down as "the most hilarious stuff" you've ever read. Two, you did not supply any address but don't worry. Opilogue can easily trace you to the nearest Big Brother House because you, too, rock. You are “da bomb!” Or is that not the language of TV reality shows? Opilogue can use forensic means or even native “airforce” (I don’t mean witchcraft oo!) to trace any anonymous reader. Hmm, wondering what has just hit you? Calm down. I'm just pulling your legs, not for infibulation though­!

Each time I read Opilogue, I doff my hat. The university you attended must be superb. Hope it is not UI. Aderemi Omolola, Abuja.

If it is UI nko? But if I may ask, which university is not a university even including Unipetrol and Unisex? I'm sure you are not going to give me the Bola Ige classification. Are you? You had better watch it!

I like reading Opilogue. It is meant for only the wise. Without wisdom, one may not be able to understand it. My prayer is that the good Lord will continue to give you the wisdom to write more. Ogu Chioma, Port Harcourt.

May the good Lord also continue to provide you with the wherewithal to purchase a copy of TELL every week. And the wisdom to decipher and dance to the agidigbo drumbeats. Na you biko!

It will be good if you can convert the writeups to comedies. Think about it. Oyekunle, Abuja.

I thought about it immediately and I came to the sad conclusion that the Niagara situation deserves more than comedy. Remember the immortal words of William Blake, the English poet, "Excess joy weeps, excess sorrow laughs." That's what you see in Opilogue. It tries to make you smile in order not to cry aloud in the face of untoward suffering in the midst of plenty. Talk of tragi-comedy and you will score a bull’s eye without being melodramatic. That’s the story of Niagara.

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